Assessment and Accreditation

Assessment and Accreditation

ProgressIQ promotes your institutional effectiveness goals and accreditation reporting needs.

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Support Institutional Effectiveness

Gathering data needed for assessment should not be a laborious activity. Institutions using ProgressIQ find that their student data is aggregated, organized, vetted, and trustworthy, and optimally formatted for analysis. The data is always ready for self-assessment, visualization, and decision-making. Data collection time and effort is practically eliminated.

ProgressIQ does not charge for data backloading, and there is no charge for alumni data storage. ProgressIQ gives you easy access to many years of combined data for powerful longitudinal analysis.

ProgressIQ supports objective, data-driven assessment. We work with clients to deliver data in the format they need:

  • If you conduct your own institutional assessments, we customize reports for you to access data in easy to import formats. You can then analyze data in your preferred platform, e.g., SAS, SPSS, NCSS, Tableau, MS BI, Excel, R, Python, etc.
  • If you conduct novel educational research, ProgressIQ supports faculty through exploratory data analysis and financial grants. Learn more about this support below.
  • If you work with a third-party analytics group, we will provide them with automated data connections to your data in ProgressIQ.

Promote Educational Research

With the rich data sets ProgressIQ provides, faculty can ask novel questions, analyze vetted data, gain institutional and educational insights, and publish their findings. ProgressIQ proudly supports faculty educational scholarship through modest research grants.

Streamline Accreditation Reporting

ProgressIQ reduces accreditation time and effort by simplifying student data gathering. Additionally, easy access to your student data facilitates continuous improvement, independent of the accreditation cycle.