Student Success Dashboard

Student Success Dashboard

ProgressIQ student success monitoring system informs faculty and academic advisors of student performance information that matters most through an intuitive dashboard.

Our student tracking system offers many features to support student academic progress, including:

  • student performance data
  • advisor and administrative notes
  • file uploads for memos and important documents
  • alerts to students, advisors, and administration

ProgressIQ empowers advisors to understand their medical students’ academic progress in real time, so that faculty may support students quickly and efficiently, before they fail.

ProgressIQ empowers Medical, Dental, and Physician Assistant students through keeping them informed of their granular and holistic academic progress and peer-adjusted benchmarks. Offering your students full access to their own academic data will keep them engaged and on-track, facilitating student success and on-time graduation. These essential tools are a vital component to student retention to maximize your institution’s graduation rates.