Student Tracking Software

Student Tracking Software

Progress IQ is a student academic tracking system that empowers you to monitor and track student performance in real time, using existing information systems. Through roles based permissions, ProgressIQ student management system software lets you view student progression information such as:

  • student academic progress across the curriculum
  • student academic progress by course
  • test and examination scores
  • detailed course information
  • student performance data
  • learning outcomes at the institutional and program level

This student information system, software as a service enables you to conveniently access Medical, Dental, and Physician Assistant student information through a single, easy to use interface. The clean, intuitive design of ProgressIQ student progress tracking software allows new users to begin using the system without extensive training.

ProgressIQ student tracking system provides colleges and universities with a common data pool of key student academic progress indicators to empower faculty advisors, administrators, and staff.

ProgressIQ facilitates student retention and student success with early alerts and built-in communication tools, so that faculty more efficiently and effectively support students to successfully complete their courses, move forward with their cohort, and succeed.