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ProgressIQ empowers academic institutions to make sense of disparate data to support students, drive program assessment, and improve education through useful data integration.

ProgressIQ Student Success Stairs

Maximize Student Success

Graduate programs invest an incredible amount of time, energy, and money to recruit, screen, and select the best students. Programs can support and retain those students with ProgressIQ.

Empower faculty and students by integrating your existing systems into a single, secure, easy to use web interface. Keep students on track and on time to graduation.

multiple data screens

Program Assessment

Report and analyze aggregated data from multiple sources easily for accreditation, competency tracking, institutional research, and peer reviewed publication.

Integrated data visuals give you a clear picture of student performance, identify concerns, and support data informed decisions.

Integrated, clean and vetted data

Data Integration

Make your existing data more useful. We will help you connect to any existing data source and bring that data into a secure, roles-based interface for vetting, storage, reporting, decision-making, and everything in between. With ProgressIQ, your data is your data!


What Students Say

Lauren G.
Lauren G.
Central Michigan University
Doctor of Medicine Student
Class of 2023

“I found the ProgressIQ alert feature to be especially beneficial… Within a day, my advisor had reached out to schedule a time to meet and create a plan to help me succeed on the next exam. As a result, I was able to score much higher on the final and pass the block. Without ProgressIQ, I would not have been able to make an immediate change. I am beyond grateful for this platform, and I cannot wait to continue benefitting from it for my third and fourth year of medical school!”

Tiffany H.
Tiffany H.
Texas A&M
Doctor of Medicine Student
Class of 2022

“In addition to its ease of use, ProgressIQ stands out to me as a welcoming platform for all students. As someone who identifies themselves as multiracial, it is incredibly important to me to have the ability to properly express my identity. ProgressIQ is one of few programs that have allowed me the ability to identify myself as belonging to more than one race. To me, the fact that ProgressIQ had the foresight to include this option means everything. It is a testament to its progressiveness and innovativeness as a program, and shows that it looks at students as individuals, not as customers. I look forward to using ProgressIQ in my medical education!”

Marcus R.
Marcus R.
Dentistry Student
Class of 2021

ProgressIQ has been like an academic advisor who doesn’t sleep, always has time for me, and pushes me to be the best student I can be. ProgressIQ has streamlined this process so well, it feels like an advisor walking me through my performance, guiding me in recognizing my strengths and giving me the opportunity to improve my weaknesses. Progress IQ has saved me time and frustration. It has eliminated the feeling of helplessness and surprise and given me motivation and strategy to succeed in class.”

Marcus R.
Taylor P.
Noorda College
Osteopathic Medicine Student
Class of 2025

Not only does ProgressIQ provide data to help me target my personal weak areas in my own study, but it notifies my faculty advisors as well, so that they can help me understand the things I struggle with. Overall, I am super happy with this program. I wish every medical student had access to this.”

What Clients Say

Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine
Rick C.
Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine

Recording student notes in our old system was such a pain that it really interfered with my workflow, but ProgressIQ has made it so easy that I actually enjoy it now! The interface is clean and user-friendly, so tracking student progress has become much more streamlined.”

Lipscomb University College of Pharmacy
Lanae H.
Lipscomb University College of Pharmacy

ProgressIQ has been an invaluable resource for our academic affairs team. Prior to implementing the platform, we struggled with paper-heavy processes and slow turnaround times from our systems. With ProgressIQ, we have found the platform to be a centralized, one-stop shop for all our needs. Trish and Megan have been incredible resources, always quick to answer any questions we have. The platform and the team behind it are truly resourceful. We're excited to continue working with ProgressIQ on SIS integration and further improving our operations.

William Carey University College of Osteopathic Medicine
Elizabeth T.
William Carey University
College of Osteopathic Medicine

“Before implementing ProgressIQ, William Carey University College of Osteopathic Medicine (WCUCOM) had siloed student information and accreditation was fragmented, leading to communication breakdowns and wasted time. However, ProgressIQ integrated all the data, allowing for efficient tracking of student performance and easy access to contact students in need of help. This has resulted in significant cost savings and improved student assistance, making ProgressIQ a game changer for WCUCOM.

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