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Student Success Dashboard

ProgressIQ student academic success monitoring system provides students, faculty, and advisors the student performance information that matters most through an intuitive dashboard.

ProgressIQ empowers students by keeping them informed of their granular and holistic academic progress and peer-adjusted benchmarks. Offering students full access to their own academic data keeps them engaged and on-track, facilitating student success and on-time graduation. These essential tools are a vital component to student retention to maximize your institution’s graduation rates.

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Student Snapshot

Access all individual student data from pre-admission through graduation (and beyond) on one page. No need to click through endless screens to see a complete picture of a student’s academic performance.

“We started using ProgressIQ my second year in school and it made the process of finding my scores 10 times easier. Not only this, but it is nice to be able to access all my scores in one place from all my courses. Prior to this, I would have to search clicking innumerable times to locate and find all my course grades. In ProgressIQ, I just click once or twice, and all my grades are there. ProgressIQ data visualizations also show the mean and standard deviations easily so that I can see how I am progressing along in relation to my colleagues.”
-Second Year MD Student

Streamlined Communication

ProgressIQ makes it easy for faculty, advisors and students to stay in communication making sure that students know how to access the support and resources needed for academic success. Transparent communication across student individuals/departments allows for consistent, targeted advising.

Communication features include:

“Importantly, with just one click, I am able to communicate with my faculty mentor and get the support I need. It puts me at ease to know that my mentor has access to my academic history and work-in-progress all in one place without having to log into multiple systems. This feature has enhanced our mentor-mentee relationship.”
-Fourth Year DO Student