ProgressIQ student academic tracking charts

Student Tracking Software for Institutional Success

ProgressIQ is a student academic tracking system that empowers institutions with student performance monitoring and tracking in real-time, using your existing data information systems.

ProgressIQ has transformed our faculty advisement program to allow a 360-degree view of a student’s progress through our curriculum. Faculty are able to keep personal notes on their meetings with students and document their advice and suggestions. In addition, ProgressIQ serves an important role in our Student Progress Committee’s activities through its document storage functions. It serves its purpose well as a one-stop snapshot of how a student is navigating our rigorous program requirements.
-Associate Dean of Student Services

Permissions Allow Those to View Student Progress

Role-based permissions allow administrators and faculty to view student progression information such as:

  • student and cohort level progression toward EPAs, milestones, and competencies
  • student academic progress across the curriculum and by individual course
  • test and examination scores including national exams and preadmission tests
  • detailed course information including cohort comparisons
  • qualitative feedback per assignment, course, EPAs, milestones, and competencies
  • learning outcomes

Easily Track Performance Across Courses

Track Student Progress across courses over time

Identify Strengths and Weaknesses

Identify Student's Strengths and Weaknesses

At a Glance Cohort Comparisons

At a Glance Cohert Comparisons

Data Visualizations

At a glance, students and faculty, can monitor progress within individual courses and across the whole curriculum. Powerful data visualizations highlight students' strengths and weaknesses, allowing faculty to target their advising and encouraging students to focus their studies and seek academic help when needed.

On a larger scale these data visualizations provide administration with the ability to conduct competency tracking across the whole curriculum allowing for a real-time view of performance to make actionable changes and improvements.

Our student tracking system offers many features to faculty and advisors to track and monitor student academic progress, success and support including:

  • student performance data
  • advisor and administrative notes
  • document uploads to organize important student files
  • alerts to students, advisors, and administration

Empowering Faculty and Advisors

ProgressIQ is a powerful student success management system that facilitates student retention and achievement. Faculty use early alerts and built-in communication tools to support students efficiently and effectively, so they can successfully complete their courses, move forward with their cohort, and achieve their educational goals.