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Student Tracking Software

Progress IQ is a student academic tracking system that empowers institutions to monitor and track student performance in real time, using existing information systems. Through roles based permissions, ProgressIQ student management system lets administrators and faculty view student progression information such as:

ProgressIQ has transformed our Faculty advisement program to allow a 360 degree view of a student’s progress through our curriculum. Faculty are able to keep personal notes on their meetings with students and document their advice and suggestions. In addition, ProgressIQ serves an important role in our Student Progress Committee’s activities through its document storage functions. It serves its purpose well as a one-stop snapshot of how a student is navigating our rigorous program requirements.
-Associate Dean of Student Services

Data Visualizations

Powerful data visualizations allow students, faculty and administration to see student progress within individual courses and across the whole curriculum. With the ability to see a student's strengths and weaknesses at the course and curricular level, faculty can target their advising efforts and students can focus their study efforts where needed most.

Empowering Faculty and Advisors

Our student tracking system offers many features to support student academic progress, including:

ProgressIQ facilitates student retention and student success with early alerts and built-in communication tools, so that faculty more efficiently and effectively support students to successfully complete their courses, move forward with their cohort, and succeed.

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