Partner educational research grant opportunities

Academic Partner Grants for Educational Research

Our Partner Research Support Program funds academic partners in research activities showcasing the educational research potential from the data within ProgressIQ. Approved research projects will receive grants up to $2,500 and technical support necessary to access the data needed for your research project.

Project Expectations

Projects scope should allow for completion within one year of funding. Funds can be used in conjunction with other funding sources as permitted by the other funding source(s).

Application Process

Click to download this brief application. Complete the application and submit it via email to

Application submission does not guarantee funding. There is no limit to the number of application an individual or organization can submit.

Application Review Process

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and reviewed for alignment with Academic Progress Intelligence (API) research goals and interests. Applicants will receive notification regarding funding within 30 days of submission.

Program Partner Presentations

Research support awardees are also encouraged to apply for conference honoraria.