Why Schools Choose ProgressIQ

Schools choose ProgressIQ academic software because it easily integrates with existing information systems, is user-friendly, offers superior client support, and improves student and institutional success.


The faculty of a school of pharmacy adopted ProgressIQ as their longest-tenured faculty member prepared for retirement. With foresight and coordination, they converted hundreds of his spreadsheets and a decade of student data into ProgressIQ’s easy to use system. Important institutional memory was preserved and others have picked up the torch of student success.

An osteopathic medical school needed a solution to tie all of the student performance data from existing vendors together. They chose ProgressIQ and their faculty and students love it. They have formed a strong working relationship with the ProgressIQ development team and their suggestions have led to ongoing software improvements.

An Associate Dean of Students Services and Institutional Effectiveness indicated that her institution adopted ProgressIQ because it allows faculty to automate the advisor alert process. Combined with the ability to house all student performance data in one easy to view “snapshot,” they save staff time and effort.

What our clients say

"ProgressIQ has transformed our Faculty advisement program to allow a 360 degree view of a student’s progress through our curriculum. Faculty are able to keep personal notes on their meetings with students and document their advice and suggestions. In addition, ProgressIQ serves an important role in our Student Progress Committee’s activities through its document storage functions. It serves its purpose well as a one-stop snapshot of how a student is navigating our rigorous program requirements."

ASSOCIATE DEAN OF STUDENT SERVICES, Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine

"ProgressIQ has been instrumental in transforming our student database. It is simple to use and helps us keep our information updated and accurate because the students can see everything we have on them in one place. ProgressIQ has saved us $10,000+ a year on accreditation reporting because we do not have to track down information from multiple sources and second guess if the information is up to date. This is the sort of power that is given to the students and staff through ProgressIQ."

DIRECTOR OF ASSESSMENT AND FINANCE, William Carey University College of Osteopathic Medicine

"ProgressIQ is user-friendly and easy to use. It is customizable to my needs and handles all types of data. The ProgressIQ team is very responsive to our ideas for improvements and eager to help us implement new ideas that support students. I am impressed with their fast customer service response time and one-on-one training support."

CURRICULUM SUPPORT SPECIALIST, Western University of Health Sciences College of Pharmacy

What our students say

"Students can feel overwhelmed and intimidated when it comes to scores, but ProgressIQ helps to minimize the stress because it makes it easier to see the big picture of my academic career."

Jeung C., First Year Dental Student

"ProgressIQ is so much more than just a gradebook: ProgressIQ has the capability to track my strengths and weaknesses in complex medical subjects. It is also a central hub for all my professional documents, CV materials, and faculty communications."

Khristopher F., Second Year Medical Student

"Until ProgressIQ was introduced at my university, there was no platform that integrated all forms of communication into one easy-to-use and easy-to-access interface. What had previously taken me days to weeks and would cause undue frustration, has been solved by ProgressIQ."

Jaclyn G., Fourth Year Veterinary Medicine Student

"I consider ProgressIQ to be the greatest tool in the medical bag of a medical student during training. It is the ECG machine of school monitoring every change and providing an honest outlook on the nearest future. My path is not always stable, but ProgressIQ monitors every step of the way."

Christine S., Second Year Medical Student

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