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Partner Support

At ProgressIQ, our goal is to support our partner faculty and students toward ever greater success. We currently have three programs to provide financial support to our partners.

For Partners

Partner Presentation Program

We are pleased to support our academic partners in professional activities that share your ProgressIQ experience with others. ProgressIQ will support approved presenters via honorarium and travel reimbursement. All support must be approved via email by ProgressIQ before the presentation. Please send requests to and details will be provided to you.

For Students

Student seeking financial aid

We are pleased to announce $1,000 scholarships available to students currently using ProgressIQ at one of our partner institutions. Your academic institution will let you know if they are participating in this scholarship program.

administrator using Progress IQ software

We are pleased to support our academic partners in research activities that showcase the education research potential of the data in ProgressIQ software. ProgressIQ will support approved research projects financially and with programmer support necessary to gain access to data needed for your research project.