With ProgressIQ faculty and administrators are able to effectively advise students with the aid of our holistic dashboard data

Advise Students Effectively with Holistic Dashboard Data

Advising students can be a challenge. We know. Our team has direct experience providing direction, guidance, and support to students at various points during their educational journey and beyond. We feel your pain and understand the balance needed between high-touch and high-tech. ProgressIQ helps you effectively advise students.

Your Student Academic Data, All Together!

All academic performance data is integrated into one holistic dashboard.

All data together in one place. You can see pre-admissions, pre-clinical, clinical, national licensing exam, and residency selection data in one easy to use interface. We exist to integrate your existing data from vendors and external systems, such as Banner, Canvas, Acuity Insights (One45), New Innovations, MedHub, E*Value, DaVinci/LCMS+(Leo), OASIS, ExamSoft, the NBME, NBOME, NBO, PCOA, and others. No more asking for data across departments. No more manually piecing together data from multiple data silos onto a private spreadsheet.

Our team has direct experience advising health professions students from pre-clinical, through clinical, licensing board preparation, residency selection, and beyond.

Data visualizations. Compare and track student progress.

Gain instant insight into where your students stand relative to their cohort on quizzes, exams, courses, learning outcomes, and board-specific subjects through our frequency distribution graphs. Track performance over time with our longitudinal visualizations. Understand, at a glance, how a student is performing in a given domain relative to other domains with our radar graphs. Finally, rapidly assess whether a student is meeting expectations for procedures, milestones, and EPAs using our bullet graphs.


ProgressIQ sends you alerts BEFORE your students fail a course. Reach out to students to help them improve performance before the next big exam, OSCE, milestone, or professional activity. Given the projected shortage of health care professionals, retaining students is more important than ever. If you save just one qualified student from failing out of your program, ProgressIQ more than pays for itself.


Want to know who is or has been on academic probation, off-track, in a special designated academic track, a class or club officer, has a peanut allergy, is vegetarian, etc.? ProgressIQ allows you to assign multiple “tags” of any type to students. Easily search for students tagged with specific categories. Easily find, track, and communicate with them.

Secure Notes

Record and keep track of interactions and advising plans with your students. Keep them private—so that only you will ever see them. Or allow other authorized viewers to see them. Communicate securely and asynchronously with other members of your advising team, administrators, or the student performance committee, to maximize your students’ success. Keep your notes All Together. Keep your team All Together!