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Student Scholarship

At ProgressIQ, our primary concern is student success. To further help you achieve your academic goals, ProgressIQ is sponsoring this annual scholarship which will award selected students at participating partner institutions $1,000 for sharing their compelling and/or unique experiences with ProgressIQ.

ProgressIQ Scholarship Selection Criteria

Selection will be based on the following criteria:

  • Enrolled in an institution using ProgressIQ
  • Good academic standing at partner institution as determined by institution
  • Experience using ProgressIQ software
  • Compelling statement (no more than 250 words) about the impact of ProgressIQ on student’s success

Applications are available October 1 – November 1.

Successful student

2020 Scholarship Award Recipients

Sosi D.

Sosi D.

Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Student

In this time of technological advances, ProgressIQ is ideal, ​
So here is a little poem that expresses how I feel:
​I log in to ProgressIQ and what do I see?
​My advisor’s encouraging smile looking back at me.
​No need for Post-its to keep little memos;
​ID number? Old MCAT score? ProgressIQ knows.
​It keeps track of my grades as I progress through the semesters. ​
If my grades look concerning I can go talk to my professors.
​I’d like to know my Z-score and the average for the last exam,
​I turn to ProgressIQ for the data; It’s all there from when grad school began.
​Whether I’m in the lunch line or studying at home, ​
All I need is my laptop or even just my phone. ​
No need for a calculator, a notebook, or Excel, ​
I trust ProgressIQ to show me if I’m doing well; ​
And if my grades are below what I want them to be,
ProgressIQ encourages me to work harder towards my degree, ​
For as soon as I log in to my ProgressIQ profile, ​
My graduation year appears and reminds me to breathe and smile:
​The end goal is clear. The date has been set.
​One exam at a time; with ProgressIQ there’s no sweat.
​Thank you ProgressIQ for saving me so much time,
​Instead of calculating my grades, with academics I’m keeping in line. week, I can see a quick Snapshot of my grades, and this has not only saved me time, but it has also reduced my anxiety and stress about how a quiz or an exam is affecting my overall grades. By seeing the bigger picture of my academic progress, I can track my own strengths and weaknesses, and then reassess my study time for a particular class. I thought I was doing well in Pharmacology because of my exam scores, but it turns out that the quizzes weigh a lot more in this particular course, and as a result, my lowest grade was Pharmacology. Because of ProgressIQ, I was able to catch this early and dedicate more time and effort for this course. I’ve made changes on how to study for the Pharmacology quizzes and my percentage in the class has been improving. I never realized how much of an impact ProgressIQ was going to be for me, and I personally appreciate how it monitors my progress every step of the way.

Nhi N.

Naomi B.

Pharmacy Student

Ever since I started my journey as a pharmacy student at Western University of Health Sciences, Progress IQ has been a helpful daily tool for me to keep track of my academia. One aspect I really enjoy is that Progress IQ breaks down each assignment and exam in comparison to the class average, helping me see where I stand among my colleagues and encouraging me to work harder. In addition, ProgressIQ has other innovative features, such as the comment section for my Objective Structured Clinical examination (OSCE); I personally benefited from this because I was having a hard time finding out what I needed to improve for my communication skills. After reading the thorough comments entered by the facilitators, I was able to pinpoint exactly where I needed improvement, and my next OSCE assessment grade increased drastically. Besides, I also find the personal rank section helpful, as it serves as a big motivation for me to constantly be better. Recently, the program also has a new feature which sends notifications when there is a low grade updated, and it suggests the students talk to the facilitators as soon as possible. I find it helpful especially when the program is highly impacted, hence can lead to students being lost easily. It helps students connect to their academic advisors in the most efficient way as well. I strongly believe ProgressIQ will continue to grow and be implemented by more institutions, due to its various benefits to student’s academic life.

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