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The idea for ProgressIQ was born in 2006 when a medical student advisee approached Dr. Scott Helf after failing his gross anatomy course. As a new faculty advisor, Scott was astonished that advisees could fail an entire course without any early warning given to the advisor.

He realized this was a failure of an academic support system that is unable to share, consolidate, and aggregate data across disparate information silos. Moreover, the support systems were unable to make sense of the huge volume of data on each student, and could not deliver the correct just-in-time information to the relevant decision makers.

This realization coincided with Scott earning a master’s in information technology. For his thesis project, he created a web-driven, secure, roles-based student data snapshot system using data aggregated from multiple systems. He first rolled it out as the “Academic Progress Portal” in the Spring of 2007 at his medical school. For the first time, faculty had access to all the disparate data they needed to support their students. The data was organized, near real-time, available securely to the appropriate people, and presented in an easy to access and use web interface.

While working together on another technology project, Scott and Sarah Douville frequently discussed Scott’s software solution. With more than a decade of student support experience, Sarah made the case that the problems Scott had solved were not isolated to his particular school. This is a problem common to many academic institutions: student data locked up in different systems and rendered practically useless to those seeking to support individual students. Moreover, to create such a system in-house is often outside the purview or budget of most educational technology departments.

In 2009, Sarah and Scott formed ACADEMIC PROGRESS INTELLIGENCE™ as a private company with the goal to create software solutions that empower academic institutions to make sense of their disparate data to support students, drive institutional effectiveness, and improve education. Current efforts include solutions for data integration, entrustable professional activities, curriculum mapping, longitudinal outcomes, and student tracking.

In 2014, ACADEMIC PROGRESS INTELLIGENCE™ released ProgressIQ™ as a commercially available software as a service. Designed with academic needs in mind, this affordable solution has expanded from medical schools to schools of pharmacy, optometry, veterinary medicine, podiatry, nursing, physician assistant, dentistry, physical therapy, and master’s of health education related programs.

ProgressIQ uses a data agnostic best of breed approach, intuitive user interface, automated systems integration, and a user-friendly template system that is flexible enough to accommodate nearly any workflow. ProgressIQ is quickly becoming the commercial software as a service solution for organizations seeking to integrate disparate data systems into one holistic insight of student performance.

Schedule a demo to find out how ProgressIQ can help your school integrate trustworthy data, support student success, and generate actionable insights for student, course, cohort, and institutional decision making.

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