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Partner Presentation Program

We are pleased to support our academic partners in professional activities that share your ProgressIQ experience with others. ProgressIQ will support approved presenters via honorarium. All support must be approved via email by ProgressIQ before the presentation. Please send requests to

Program Partner Lead

For the purpose of the ProgressIQ Partner Presentation Program, the Program Partner Lead is the single point of contact for this agreement and is responsible for submitting all required materials for all team members. The Program Partner Lead designation is unrelated to your role in the actual presentation.

Successful student

Honoraria for Conferences (US or International)

  Presentation Poster
# of Program Partners >45 minutes 30 to 45 minutes 30 minutes  
One $1000 $500 $200 $150
Two $500 $250 $200 $100
Three $300 $150 $200 $75

Honoraria for Virtual Conferences

  Presentation Poster
# of Program Partners >45 minutes 30 to 45 minutes 30 minutes  
One $500 $150 $150 $150
Two $250 $100 $100 $100
Three $150 $75 $75 $75

Approval Process

Prior to attending the conference, the Program Partner Lead must submit an email request to with the following:

Reimbursement Process

Within 30 days of the end of the event, the Program Partner Lead must submit all items via email to

Please allow 45 days processing from receipt of all items. All checks will be mailed to the Program Partner Lead.

The Fine Print

ProgressIQ will support up to three presenters for an event. ProgressIQ will divide the payments among participants according to the schedule listed above. Program partners must be named on a poster or presentation and must participate in the applicable session to be eligible for honorarium. Presentation materials, abstracts, etc. highlighting your scholarly activity may be used by ProgressIQ in promotional activities. Full attribution will always be given.

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