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Company Summary

ProgressIQ (“Company”) is a growing software as a service company serving graduate university clients throughout the United States. Our software integrates data and tracks student progress. Company growth plans include additional education markets and expanding to international clients. Learn more about ProgressIQ.

position Summary

The ideal candidate is self-starter and has a passion for applying problem-solving skills integrated with .NET web applications and automated solutions. This position requires the flexibility and aptitude to zoom in to fine-grained detail and back out and up the full stack. The position will manage, automate, and make decisions and judgment calls which heavily influence all clients and colleagues. The position requires multiple roles, and a strong sense of taking ownership.

The successful candidate will have strong analytical and troubleshooting skills, fluency in coding and systems design, database design and optimization, solid communication skills, and the desire and ability to tackle complex problems of scale. The full-stack developer will be involved in all aspects of software builds, deployment, maintenance, and optimization, including front-end, back-end, and DevOps pipelines, with special emphasis on transactional and analytical SQL related processes.

employment details

Primary responsibilities

Improve and Scale the Product

Support our Client Support Specialists

Be flexible and willing to take on new tasks




The company is an Equal Opportunity Employer, drug free workplace, and complies with ADA regulations as applicable.

Follow these instructions to apply:

  1. Use a programming language of your choice to create a function for the below problem statement. Comment the code appropriately, with your first line stating the language you chose. Include a succinct comment block explaining in your own words and using plain English how your code works, such that a non-technical person would understand.

    Problem Statement:
    Calculate the volume of a sphere from user input of the radius.
  2. Prepare your cover letter, resume, the above solution, and any other documents you wish to share as one .docx or PDF file. Use any document sharing service such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc. to share the link to the file location with us. You will not be able to upload the file to our application system, only the link. Be sure the link and document are not password protected.
  3. Submit the link to your file here.

Applicants will only be considered if they follow this process.

Please do not contact us via email or phone unless we request that you do so.

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