ProgressIQ makes it easy to compile and clean up all of the data for analysis, which is usually the hardest part. All of the data is housed in one place and available via roles-based permission for those that have permission to access.

Use Case

Data Analysis is Just a Click, Click, Click Away

As Director for Student Statistics, Dr. Johnathan Franklin is not new to the challenges of managing student data. He has been at Oklahoma State University in many roles for over 20 years, and a ProgressIQ customer for half a decade. “ProgressIQ gets us the data in a way that we can actually use and analyze it,” says Franklin.

“Compiling and cleaning up all the data for analysis is usually the hardest part. ProgressIQ makes this easy: It’s just click, click, click.” -Johnathan Franklin, Ed.D.

Franklin explains that prior to ProgressIQ, faculty advisors, administration, the Academic Standards Committee and other stakeholders had to contact multiple individuals/departments to inquire regarding a student’s academic performance.  Now, all of that data is housed in ProgressIQ and available via roles-based permission for access.  ProgressIQ has also been invaluable regarding integrating with existing systems.  The data visualization features also allow the students, as well as other stakeholders, to monitor how students are performing academically compared to their peers in their cohort.    

He goes on to describe how ProgressIQ assists in identifying the discrepancies that occur in departmentally siloed data in Excel files, LMS, CMS, rotations calendaring and evaluation systems. Because of this, it is now the osteopathic medical school’s policy that all student data must be in ProgressIQ.

“This forces conversations between departments to work through and correct the data discrepancies,” says Franklin. In essence, ProgressIQ becomes the de facto “one source of truth” for all student academic performance data.

In addition, “We get TONS of help from the ProgressIQ team, especially from Sarah and Trish.” Dr. Franklin describes a recent scenario where his Provost was asking for data in a format ready to analyze for exploring factors critical to student success. These include demographic, pre-admission, pre-clinical, clinical, and national licensing board data. “With the assistance of the ProgressIQ staff, I was able to provide the Provost with the data that he needed in the format that he requested!” says Franklin.

Going forward, a new collaboration between Dr. Franklin, Oklahoma State University, and ProgressIQ is cleaning, aggregating, and presenting data from disparate sources in a format facilitating analysis of factors that lead to student success while on rotations. This time, with a twist: The focus is on the rotations sites themselves, including factors such as location, timing, resources, student performance evaluations and COMAT performance.

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