Convert your existing workflows and data sources to receive increased security while also sharing data easily.

Use Case

Increased Security While Easily Sharing Data

Balancing ease of use with data security is an ongoing challenge. A Physician Assistant (PA) program faced this significant challenge. Their preceptors are responsible for reporting code of conduct violations on students assigned to them. The student affairs office is responsible for maintaining this information in one place. To send this information over email is a FERPA violation because email is not secure. To use a shared Google Sheet to collect and centralize this data is also a FERPA violation because preceptors would see highly confidential information for students to whom they are not assigned.

The PA program solved this problem by creating a Code of Conduct “bin” in ProgressIQ. They enrolled all students and assigned the preceptors to their respective students. Preceptors can only view and/or modify information pertaining to the students assigned to them in that specific “bin”. Students can view only their own record. Preceptors report conduct violations by simply logging into ProgressIQ, navigating to the Code of Conduct area, selecting the relevant student, and entering the required information. The office of student affairs can easily and securely see all code violations in one view, send alerts and secure messages through ProgressIQ based on this information, and download it to Excel for further analysis and continuous improvement.

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