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Use Case

Seamlessly Change Mission Critical Systems

While you might prefer not to change mission critical systems in the middle of an academic year, it is often necessary to do so! The challenge is to do so in a way that does not disrupt service and appears seamless to end-users.

ProgressIQ helps clients do just that. One client said: “With ProgressIQ, we were able to change our rotations management software in the middle of the academic year.” ProgressIQ integrates and stores current and historical student academic data from all major rotations management vendors. To users – faculty, students, and administrators – the transition from one system to another is seamless, because they access the data through the same web and mobile friendly interface.

Additionally, ProgressIQ backloaded all of the data from the previous three rotations systems that they had cycled through, as their needs evolved. “We now know that we have the freedom to change systems when we need to and that we still have ready access to all of our data as though it came from one system.”

ProgressIQ frees universities, colleges, and individual departments to select the best software for their respective needs—and change them when appropriate to their mission—as their needs change and grow.


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