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Scholarship Award Recipients

Camilo P.

Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Student
Class of

As a 1st year medical student, it is imperative to set goals for yourself, academically and professionally, in order to optimize your path to success. Often times this task can be overwhelming and stressful. However, ProgressIQ offers the unique opportunity to track your progress throughout your courses and have the ability to identify your academic weak spots. Personally, I benefit greatly from mentorship, and I feel that ProgressIQ serves as a supplementary advisor to me so that I can keep on track with my goals. In my main hard science course, I didn’t realize that I had a weak performance in certain aspects of the class. Using ProgressIQ, I have been able to pinpoint what medical subjects I need to strengthen, and that has in turn helped direct my study habits for the semester. Even if I falter at certain steps along the way, ProgressIQ is always there to help keep me on track!

Jessica T.

Veterinary Medicine Student
Class of

ProgressIQ has greatly influenced my academic progress and it was a great relief to find that ProgressIQ is so easy to navigate. The feature that I appreciate most is the opportunity to leave reviews to ensure that I am living up to the expectations of my professor. Weekly evaluations are a great way to get direct and quick feedback from professors, which I have never experienced anywhere else.

I also appreciate the alert feature presented on ProgressIQ. Allowing students and faculty to receive alerts when students are not performing well is essential to student success. I have never received an alert, but knowing that professors and faculty will get notified if I become a concern is comforting. I know that the faculty is looking out for my success and is willing to help whenever needed. When a student is not performing well, it is best to address the situation as early as possible, and I believe ProgressIQ does an amazing job of ensuring this.

Syna D.

Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Student
Class of

ProgressIQ is a valuable educational asset. The easy to use dashboard says goodbye to the nightmare days of excel spread sheets and report cards. ProgressIQ has immediate support and such a simple platform that it is easy to track progress, make recommendations, and set an agenda for success in the process. I’ve been grateful to see my faculty fluidly access my information and give recommendations confidently because they know the best set of data is available to them to make predictions. If I ever have questions about what is listed in my profile, I feel good that ProgressIQ is always available to answer any questions that I have. At the end of the day, I know that my chances of being a successful medical student is significantly improved with this program. I would never ask for another student tracking program!

Winifred O.

International Post-Baccalaureate PharmD Student
Class of

ProgressIQ provides a climate conducive to student success. As an internationally trained student from Ghana, West Africa, I was not exposed to electronic tracking of academic progress. I was only familiar with the traditional way of tracking academic progress through terminal reports at the end of an academic year spelling out areas that needed improvement. When I was first introduced to ProgressIQ, it was almost impossible to believe that I could track my academic progress at my own convenience anytime and anywhere.

Having been awarded the overall best candidate for the Ghana pharmacy board exam, I began my first academic block at Western University of Health Sciences with high complacency. To my utmost surprise, I discovered I was failing that academic block. I monitored my course grades on ProgressIQ and instantly dedicated more time to my studies. I now rank first in my class. According to Colin Powel, “there are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure”; This is what ProgressIQ effectively helps students achieve.

Marcus R.

Dentistry Student
Class of

ProgressIQ has been like an academic advisor who doesn’t sleep, always has time for me, and pushes me to be the best student I can be. As an undergraduate, I often banged my head against my academic issues over-and-over again, seeing very little forward progress. I would tell myself that I just needed to study more. However, after being given a single number for how I was performing in a class overall, I didn’t know what exactly I needed to study for. ProgressIQ has broken down my performance on each assignment so that I am able to successfully analyze how I am performing in class and adjust my study habits as a result. ProgressIQ has streamlined this process so well, it feels like an advisor walking me through my performance, guiding me in recognizing my strengths and giving me the opportunity to improve my weaknesses. Progress IQ has saved me time and frustration. It has eliminated the feeling of helplessness and surprise and given me motivation and strategy to succeed in class.